Orlando IoT 2017 Suggestions

At the Orlando IoT meetup last week, I asked members if they would write down what they want to get out of the group in 2017. Here are some of their answers:

  • Meet in conjunction with Valencia Student Tech Club / Classes
  • Create Orlando IoT Magazine (from the site you are reading right now)
  • Presentations on using different software languages (C/C++, Python, JavaScript)
  • Presentations on connections between physical and digital worlds (APIs)
  • Weekend prototyping
  • Actual examples of IoT
  • IoT Hackathon
  • Training/Tips & Tricks
  • Workshops/Classes/Hands-On seminars
  • Contact lists for Tech Help
  • Technology showcases (help get in touch with sponsors, have companies provide IoT products do demos)
  • Team Objectives – find projects our meetup can contribute to
  • Collaborate with Wearable Tech folks (editor’s note: have done, and will do again: Hi Jason Wade!)
  • How-To: Project from start-to-finish
  • Help with growing the group
  • Fun Projects (editor’s note: aren’t all IoT projects fun?)
  • Invention exchange! Present our projects with the group (editor’s note: have done, and will do again)
  • I’m brand new, I came to learn!

Wow! Thank you everyone at the Meetup, it was great getting your feedback. I can see a lot of themes running throughout:

  • Getting real-world hands-on experience building real IoT projects
  • Collaborating with your peers in more effective ways
  • Getting help at all stages of project development
  • Having a good time!

Don’t let the ideas stop! Visit our Facebook page to share what you think the future of Orlando IoT should look like.

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