“IoT: Idea to Product” – A Year-Long Learning Experience


So you want to jump into IoT, but you are not sure where to begin. Hardware? Software? 3D printing? And what do I do with it, anyway? At Orlando IoT, our mission is to grow IoT development in Orlando, and we want to facilitate that in the most effective ways possible.

That’s why we’re announcing a year-long program for getting up to speed on how to ideate, prototype, build, market and sell an IoT product. We’re calling it:

IoT: Idea to Product

And without further ado, here’s the tentative schedule. It all kicks off tonight with the Speednetworking Event, but feel free to drop in on any and all sessions at your leisure. We will also be providing links to further information online on a monthly basis to help you on your journey. So if you’ve been thinking “Hey, I like IoT but I don’t know where to begin,” here’s your chance. Jump in.

August 2017: “Speed Networking”

Purpose: Inform everyone how the next year will go, find some buddies with which to go on this journey.

September 2017: “Ideation”

Purpose: Teach people how to find a gap in the market and ideate a solution.

October 2017: “Prototyping”

Purpose: Show users how they can prototype on high-level hardware. Give hardware & software suggestions for getting started.

November 2017: “IoT UX & User Testing”

Purpose: Explain how to get feedback on your prototype.

December 2017: “IoT Holiday Party”

Purpose: Have some fun! We might link up with some other meetups; we’ll see.

January 2018: “Embedded Circuit Design”

Purpose: Show how you can design circuits.

February 2018: “PCB Design”

Purpose: Explain how to take circuits and put them on boards, and get them built.

March 2018: “3D Printing”

Purpose: Show how you can print your own cases, etc., hardware components other than PCB and prototype your external pieces.

April 2018: “Manufacturing”

Purpose: Show how you can scale your prototype.

June 2018: “Selling IoT”

Purpose: Explain some of the ins and outs of selling your IoT product.

July 2018: “Distribution & Scaling”

Purpose: How to distribute your IoT product, scale your business

Get Ready!

This is a tentative schedule, but keep an eye on the Meetup page for updates as they happen. And if you haven’t signed up to the Orlando Slack group, do so now! It’s a great way to communicate with your peers on an ongoing basis. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for the upcoming year!

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