Hands-On Hardware

Important: If you’d like to do Part 2 on March 13th, 2017, you only need to do three things:

Do those things and I’ll make sure you have hardware to play with (but not keep) at the Open Code Meetup. Just send me a message at jporcenaluk@gmail.com or at Twitter @jporcenaluk to let me know you paid!

This is the Hands-On Hardware Part 1 from March 1st. We learned about the Particle Photon and how you can use it to easily create IoT projects!

Those who have paid and will have hardware available:

  • Varsha D.
  • Elikem A.
  • Jerry R.
  • Jenell P.
  • Jared A.
  • Zach

Those that did not pay but will be bringing their own hardware:

  • Andrew
  • Geoff

If you are not on either of these lists but have paid, please email me or tweet at me!

Slides from the event:

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