Hands-On Hardware Monday!

As you know, Hands On Hardware is Monday and I couldn’t be more excited. People! IoT! Fun! Hardware!

As promised, here’s the breakdown of what money we got and what we spent it on:

  • 9 participants ($10 * 9 = $90)
  • 3 Particle Photons (3*19 + Shipping = $70)
  • 3 Breadboards ($9)
  • 3 TMP36 Sensors (~$5)
  • Buncha wires (Free because who cares)

So, total income was $90 (not including the $10 still owed by Facundo Gauna of http://www.gaunacode.com, and I also made his logo and he owes me $5 for that, so go figure).

Total cost of the project is $84, total income is $90, so that was about right. Let me know what we should do with the $6 for the group. Ideas include:

  • Burn it
  • Latte from Starbucks, as I’ve jokingly threatened
  • Stickers
  • Reimburse Jenell Pizarro for the prizes she’ll get

Yeah, so there you go. Probably will go with that last one. Have fun Monday, I won’t be able to make it myself but I trust you all will have a good time and learn a lot! Michael DuPont is being sent in my staid, feel free to direct any questions to him Monday evening.

– Jared Porcenaluk, Orlando IoT Organizer

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